Sharlot Hall Award

Since 1984, the Sharlot Hall Award has been presented annually to a living Arizona woman in recognition of her valuable contributions to the understanding and awareness of Arizona and its history.

Named in honor of the first woman to hold public office in the territory and namesake of the Museum, the Sharlot Hall Award recognizes the collective passion for preserving and promoting the history and heritage of Arizona. As early as 1907, Sharlot Hall saw the need to save Arizona’s history and planned to develop a museum.  For the remainder of her life, she worked to preserve Arizona’s historic past, and her diligent efforts inspired others to continue contributing to the preservation of early Arizona and American history.

Whether an author or editor, historian, storytelling guide, educator, television documentary producer, politician, or preservationist, Sharlot Hall Award recipients are noteworthy and include: Mary Jane Peace Pyle, Heidi Osselaer, Elisabeth Ruffner, Mona Lange McCroskey, Margaret Maxwell, Polly Rosenbaum, Constance Wynn Altshular, and many others.

“What makes this Award special,” explains Fred Veil, executive director of the Museum for which the award is named, “is that recipients are recognized today, rather than posthumously, for their diligent efforts to extend public awareness of, and to preserve our Arizona history.”

If you would like to nominate someone for the Sharlot Hall Award, please download and print out the Sharlot Hall Award Nomination Form, complete it and send to the Sharlot Hall Museum by the deadline noted on the form and include the associated materials regarding your nominee.

To view previous honorees, click here.

For the year 2017 and presented in August, 2018, the Museum is honored to announce that Catherine H. Ellis of Oracle, Arizona, was named recipient of the Sharlot Hall Award.  Mrs. Ellis embodies one who has made (and continues to make) a commitment to keep Arizona’s history alive through words and actions.  Her body of published works spans a half-century, and her contributions and volunteer efforts in preserving Arizona history are most documented with the Oracle Historical Society.

Mrs. Ellis was presented the Sharlot Hall Award at the August 4, 2018, dinner event of the Western History Symposium held at the Prescott Centennial Center, 1989 Clubhouse Drive (across from E.A. Love Field at the Prescott Municipal Airport) near Highway 89A. The 2018 award recipient will be similarly presented the award at the Western History Symposium to be held Saturday, August 3, 2019.

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