Saga of Wyatt Earp to be Showcased at Museum

The saga of Wyatt Earp remains bound in folklore and fact. His connection to early Prescott is an integral part of a live performance by the great grand-nephew of the gunslinger, gambler, and frontier lawman.

“Wyatt Earp – A Life on the Frontier” will be the featured event on stage Saturday, August 7, at the Sharlot Hall Museum. Advance tickets are available at the Museum store, reserved-seat admission $30.

The contemporary Wyatt Earp has been portraying his famous relative in this one-man play since 1996. His depiction, set in the 1920s, shows an elderly adventurer reminiscing to a fictional reporter about his adventures during the final days of the American frontier.

The elderly Wyatt tells of his time in Tombstone, his life after, and follows the sometimes-turbulent times of both Wyatt and his beloved “Sadie” during their 47-year life together traveling the West.

“A Life on the Frontier” is an historical-based play with more than a thousand performances throughout the U.S., Canada, and Europe. It was written by the contemporary Wyatt’s late wife Terry Tafoya Earp.

As one of the heroic figures of the American west, Earp created a lasting reputation that included his part in the famous 1881 shoot-out near the OK Corral in Tombstone.

Despite the embellishments of legend, there is little doubt that Earp, the frontier lawman and gunfighter, was regarded by his contemporaries as an excellent marksman, gambler and adventurer.

Enjoy the performance of “A Life on the Frontier” in the Museum’s new Education Center. Entrance is off McCormick Street just south of Gurley, and will include a special preview on the Museum campus (two blocks west of the Courthouse Plaza, at 415 West Gurley Street).

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