Roulette Wheel Puts Fresh Spin on Collection

Only the roulette wheel portion was donated. Originally the wheel would have been inset into a green cloth-covered clawfoot table where the game board was printed. 

The Museum recently received a donation of a roulette wheel—our first wheel and one of few gambling devices in the Museum’s collection.

The roulette wheel lived the first part of its life at a saloon in Mayer, AZ during the 1880-90s. In the 1960s the wheel was purchased from the Mayer Smoke Shop by the donor’s aunt, Eugenia Bate, wife of Claude Bate of the Bate family who operated photographic studios in Prescott and Phoenix for more than 60 years.

The Smoke Shop was also in possession of the saloon’s back bar which has been rumored to have found a home at the Sharlot Hall Museum. Unfortunately, this is not true.

While the wheel is not currently on exhibit, there is possibility in the future. So place your bets, we have no cold tables here!

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