For generations, the Sharlot Hall Museum has played an integral part in preserving and presenting Arizona's rich history. You can assist these efforts by becoming a member!

Although the personal benefits for supporting this organization vary, all members share one common reward: Pride in sustaining one of the finest regional museums in the Southwest. “The Museum is as important as the land itself,” said our founder, Sharlot M. Hall. “It gives this place we call home meaning.”

Today the Museum is recognized as a vibrant institution that enhances the Southwest experience, promotes tourism, and enriches the quality of life for the entire community. As a bedrock part of the local area for almost a century, it is important that the Museum have a sustainable foundation in order to present Arizona’s unique history to future generations. Members help provide an important part of that foundation through their continued support. Yes, you can be our partner in history.


Corporate Members

Corporate Members are partners with Sharlot Hall Museum in illuminating the rich diversity of our regional heritage through the many programs, exhibits, lectures, workshops, events, performances, and tours for visitors and friends of all ages.

Corporate Members make a public statement that each cares about our community and its future by embracing both the past and the present. Each Corporate Member helps ensure the continuity and continued growth of the Sharlot Hall Museum... a bedrock part of this community and state for almost a century.


Donors to the Museum

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