Lecture Series, Adult Learning

Have you ever wondered how Whiskey Row got its name?

Or who were some of the first artists to explore the grandeur of the Grand Canyon?

Or what was the fascination in the 1800s for human hair as an art-form?

Perhaps you’re curious about the history of printing on the Old West frontier?

These are just a few of the topics discussed at the Museum’s monthly, free lecture series — an opportunity to discover the eclectic West and learn answers to these questions and more.

Sharlot Hall Museum is proud to present a monthly series of informative, educational and (often) entertaining lectures that highlight the history and culture of Arizona’s Central Highlands. These lectures are FREE to the public, and we are currently in our 2018 lecture season.

The current presentation schedule includes:

May 18, 2019“Virgil Earp: Toughest of the Earps!” – Local author Brad Courtney and Constable Ron Williams reprise their historical presentation on the Earps, particularly the law enforcement career of Virgil, toughest of the brothers, that began on the streets of Prescott.

July 20, 2019“Willard Page on the Southwest Road” – Carolyn O’Bagy-Davis describes the distinct style and production-line creativity of Willard Page artistry. His “lightning-fast” style and convenient-sized original art found a niche market in the early 1900s in the Southwest.

August 24, 2019“Hance Brothers in Yavapai County, 1868-1930” – Shane Murphy tells the story in pictures and maps of John and George Hance, brothers who immigrated to and lived in Verde Valley. Expect a few surprises! …including the story of the Grand Canyon’s first settler, Cap’n John, labeled as the “world’s greatest liar.”

October, 2019 – Preserving photos.

November, 2019 – Postcards of Grand Canyon.

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