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As both an historic site and a heritage campus, Sharlot Hall Museum is the “Crown Jewel” of Northern Arizona with its 11 exhibit buildings (six of which are historic), more than 40,000 artifacts, and thousands of documents, photos, images and maps in its archives. Enjoy an “Arizona History Adventure” at this research center, educational facility, and park-like cultural center resplendent with frontier heritage that portrays the Territorial times in the small-town, high-country environs of Prescott.


Sharlot Hall Museum is an educational and cultural center, which fosters public and community understanding and appreciation of historical, social, and natural aspects of Arizona, with emphasis on the Central Highlands, and which promotes involvement in and support for research, collections, conservation, exhibits, and related programs.



07 Dec
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Frontier Christmas

The Annual Frontier Christmas is a featured holiday highlight of "Arizona's Christmas City" Prescott.  Luminarias, hand-made decorations, fresh-baked cookies and hot cider welcome locals and out-of-town visitors to celebrate a full dose of holiday spirit... Learn More
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Willard J. Page Exhibit

With his wife Ethel, he went on-the-road in their "motor home" going from town to town showcasing his wares in the early 1900s.  Willard J. Page traveled the Southwest bringing hustle and a clever marketing scheme that blended his artistic talent with a novel production style and demonstrated passion for capturing the American Wests's natural beauty.  Setting up his easels on railroad platforms, he would paint his vision of the Southwest in an assembly-line production mode, and sell his "baggage-sized" original oils to train travelers eager to grab a memento... Read More

Plan to Visit Fort Whipple Museum

Nearby Fort Whipple Museum offers a distinct view of both Territorial Arizona's military history, plus its passage to becoming a leading medical center for our veterans. Housed along Officers' Row on the Bob Stump-NoAZ Veteran Affairs Medical Center in Prescott, the 1908-vintage exhibit building is a joint operation with VA facility and Sharlot Hall Musuem, and is located near AZ-89 and AZ-69. Hours for visitation are Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays, from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Admission is by donation. Fort Whipple Museum


Thanksgiving in Early Prescott

Publish Date: 2019-11-23

By Mick Woodcock

Thanksgiving, as a holiday in Prescott, has its roots in 1866, when the Arizona Miner, reported: “Thanksgiving. – The President has issued a proclamation, recommending Thursday, the 29th of November, to be observed as a day of thanksgiving and praise to God for all his mercies and benefits, and also recommending that the people humbly and devoutly implore him to grant to our national councils, and the whole population, that Divine wisdom which can alone lead the nation into ways of all good. The Governor has issued a proclamation which will be found in another column, recommending the observance of the day in Arizona, and we learn that Rev. C. M. Blake will preach in Prescott at 11 a. m. This is the first time a day of thanksgiving has been set apart in the Territory, but we trust it will be only respected. While as a people we have much to contend with, we certainly have much to be thankful for, and we should be glad to introduce here a custom so pleasant and proper as that of annually acknowledging the blessings we have received, and imploring a continuation of the Divine favor.”

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Sharlot Hall Museum, a ‘Must See’

Short, three-minute overview of campus presented by Fred Veil, executive director, as shown on Cox Cable channels, Fall 2018.

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